Make eLearning content globally accessible

In recent times, an increasing number of companies are expanding globally. Different languages and cultures need to be catered to while designing eLearning content. Our Localization services can help you make this global leap. Whether you need a new course designed, or need to adapt and translate existing ones to new geographies, we can handle it for you.

The process we follow

  • We assess the business needs of the localization. What are the objectives? How many languages should the eLearning course be translated into?
  • We consider customizing the strategy for the project so it resonates with the new geographical areas
  • The content is translated and we perform language reviews of the course in each chosen language
  • We arrange for audio recordings in the desired languages
  • When designing courses from scratch, we create interactive, well designed courses with engaging content.
  • With localization, we ensure content support for multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Special attention to Design and UI

We believe in having a design approach that is localization-friendly. We make sure text remains text and does not appear as images. Future translations can easily be translated with minimum effort. We also make sure that there is adequate space in the design since some language translations may take more space than the original language.

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