Native mLearning Apps

These apps are designed for specific mobile platforms using vendor SDKs and platform-specific programming languages. For IOS, we use Objective-C or Swift, and for Android, Java is the default, while Windows needs C#. We also build Native apps using cross-platform tools like Xamarin.
  • Available to users in offline mode once downloaded.
  • Provides an enhanced user experience by making full use of device hardware functionality like camera, GPS, audio and video, touch screen functions.
  • LMS Tracking is possible with custom-built SCORM compliant native apps that can be tracked by LMS with mobile-enabled capabilities.

Web mLearning Apps

Web mobile apps are created with HTML5 as the foundation. These apps are distributed through a central online location and can be accessed through a web browser installed on a mobile device.
  • Provides a responsive learning experience irrespective of the device or operation system used.
  • SCORM compliant web apps can easily provide a viable tracking control to mobile enabled LMS’s.
  • Web apps do not provide the high-quality appearance of the content as compared to Native apps. The user experience may be compromised.

Hybrid mLearning Apps

Overall, hybrid mobile apps enjoy the best of both worlds – Native and Web. We use frameworks like PhoneGap to develop hybrid apps.
  • Can be run on multiple platforms
  • Can exploit the device hardware functionality to provide a better user experience

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