My main field of research is Information Security, though my work also has strong Application Security, Forensics Investigations and Enterprise Network Systems themes. Some of the issues I have studied include designing and building Security architectures, Network systems management, vulnerability and penetration testing, Access controls and improvement in network systems standards What excites me most about these topics is that there are so many interesting and important problems where information security research can help provide a more disciplined structure for Enterprise technology policy and protocol analysis. My 2013 textbook “Object-Oriented Methods (Principles and Practices)” which was reviewed and updated in 2014 introduces the student to the basic concepts of object-oriented analysis and design. Use case modeling, class modeling and state modeling using common notations are covered. Completion of several exercises and a group project are required. The book also demonstrated the use of the concepts of abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and aggregation in software development, the role of use cases in software development, the role of polymorphism and dynamic binding, determine suitable objects/classes and their relationships and draw a class diagram of a given problem, Identify states and state transitions and draw a state diagram for a given problem, construct sequence and collaboration diagrams for given use cases, assemble an activity diagram for a given OO problem solution, facilitate collaboratively within team environment a project with object oriented method goals and structure.

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