Our LMS facilitates learning

Our Learning Management System has one of the most innovative set of features in the industry. This LMS makes easy tracking and monitoring of participants, effective assignment, communication and assessment.

Unique LMS Features

Add/Modify Courses:

The Administrator/Instructor can easily add or modify SCORM compliant courses in the Unique LMS.

Add/Modify Students and Instructors:

Our LMS allows you to create users from the data entry screen or by importing a comma separated list.

Establish Permissions:

Our LMS gives the ability to grant users access to courses through individual or group assignment.

Create enrollment keys for convenience:

For courses where mass enrollments are required, we offer the use of an enrollment key. When a course becomes available, we simply provide the enrollment key to your student audience for access rights.

Administer and Facilitate online quizzes:

To facilitate feedback from courses, Adebiaye LMS has a built in assessment engine. Simply add questions and responses to create a quiz instance. The values from this can be used to measure the effectiveness of your course and how well the students have assimilated the learning.

Ability to set up hierarchical reporting:

As a customizable feature, Adebiaye LMS gives you flexibility to establish hierarchies. The hierarchy structure allows your users to view the courses and/or data that is meaningful to them according to their level.

Our LMS: what makes it special?

  • Our LMS supports digital content in most formats.
  • No installation hassles: We can host and manage your LMS or alternatively host it on your intranet.
  • Virtual Classroom: Users can attend real time lectures and record them. Missing class will never be an issue!
  • Built-in eCommerce engine for subscription purchases: Each course can be priced individually.
  • Effective and fast: Even a global workforce can have access to the same training concurrently.
  • Highly customizable LMS: We can customize it to your specific needs.

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