Animations and Simulations reinforce deeper learning

Animations and simulations have a very important role in eLearning. Not only do they add an element of fun and interactivity, they help users learn how to perform tasks in a safe and economical way. Users can better understand technical features and simulations can help with learning tasks that would otherwise be too dangerous and expensive to replicate in real life. Multimedia, whether sound, animation or video, adds a different dimension to eLearning and makes courses more engaging.

High quality multimedia assets

Our Animation & Simulation production services create high quality multimedia content, that when loaded along with our eLearning content, can be used in different modes, such as online or offline. They support key standards that allow content interoperability, meta-data tagging and data tracking.
Features of our eLearning multimedia assets are:
  • Light, high quality assets that load fast.
  • Cutting edge Multimedia technology.
  • Attractive design, UI and animations.
  • Interactive, well designed and engaging content.
  • Compliant with eLearning standards.

Skilled design and production team

Our Animation and Simulation led eLearning content is driven by our highly talented and skilled design and production team. This creative team consists of graphic designers, animators, instructional designers and more. Over the years, we have collected a reputation for high quality animation and multimedia. Speak to us if you are looking for high quality animated courses – you won’t be disappointed!

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