Is your eLearning content SCORM compliant?

SCORM compliant courses are capable of:
  • Recording a status of Complete/Incomplete for the eLearning course.
  • Giving a Pass/Fail along with the grade of the student.
  • Record time spent and create a bookmark to resume the course on the last viewed page.
Why you consider SCORM compliance:
  • The course is not tied to a specific vendor.
  • It ensures that each screen has been accessed, which is ideal for compliance training.
  • It is easier to assess the competence and knowledge of the users as assessments and various scoring systems are possible.

Our SCORM Services: What we do

SCORM Development Services:

If you are new to using SCORM, allow our team of professionals to guide you through the process. We have successfully built, tested and deployed over 100 SCORM compliant courses. We will work with you to understand which packaging, as well as run-time components, that you will want to consider in your e-Learning deployment.

We will explain what works and what doesn’t, along with trade-offs and/or advantages of implementation. Our team can analyze, diagnose, and recommend a SCORM implementation for your existing courses. Allow us to analyze your existing shelved courses to see if we can upgrade them. Sometimes we have valuable jewels just sitting around and it takes a fresh perspective to unlock that potential.

A great track record:

Our experienced teams of consultants have worked with content from over 100 different eLearning vendors. We have successfully implemented and deployed over 500 courses. If you are having trouble integrating a course or just need a hand working through the manual of your LMS, our trained team is ready to answer your questions..

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