Textbook: Information and Network Security Management: Strategic Concept Applications

Information and Network Security Management (Strategic Concept Applications) Second Edition is a comprehensive, modern and resourceful textbook for both undergraduate and graduate students. This book provides a unique, in-depth look at the business challenges and Information security strategic concept currently being applied in various organizations, including Software and Database security concepts, and how other security protocols vulnerabilities are exploited through unethical hacking and cracking activities. The hands-on activities, PowerPoint presentation for Instructors and Students’ support questions and answers can be requested directly from the author. Key features in this textbook include various security protocols and architecture definitions to understanding what Information Security and Assurance are. This book veered deeply into specifics of Network security in information processing and Management. This textbook teaches and focuses on the techniques, policies, operational procedures, and technologies needed to design, implement, administer, secure, and troubleshoot Computer networks and common security procedures. Topics like Information Security Requirements and Threats, Network Security Assessments, Risk and Threat Analysis, Security against common Network attacks, Principles of Cryptography in Internetworking, Intrusion Detection Systems and Management and other important security and management procedures were analyzed. Students and other IT and security professionals will find this textbook exceedingly useful.

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